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003-100 Arthur St
Winnipeg, MB

(204) 795-0506

Prairie Boy Productions was established in 2013 by Winnipeg-based Producer Orlando Braun and partnered with Jorge Requena to create high-quality, strong and wholesome stories for Film, TV and other multimedia platforms.

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Take the Dive

"Eat like a home."

8 Episode series for Bell MTS exploring hidden gem restaurants.



Cheers!  With Fries - Take the Dive

Take the Dive

Eat like a at home.


A pair of bold, hungry, charismatic and knowledgeable Winnipeg lovers take us on a mouth-watering journey to Winnipeg’s favourite and tastiest boutique diners.
Jorge Requena


How many dives can we visit in 6 hours? Imagine your hometown of Winnipeg was just a 6 hour layover, and you wanted to take in ALL the best burgers in town! That’s precisely what these two locals [Jorge & Joanna] will do.  Jorge is giving Joanna a crash course in eating like a tourist here at home and uncovering delectable hidden gems.

Joanna Braun

Dashing through the city, they take on a different meal type [or theme] in each episode; from the local breakfast nooks, to the late night venues, and the hole-in-the-wall restaurants in between that we love and support. Our charismatic foodie hosts banter about the location, the view, the décor and, most importantly, the food! They take an obligatory selfie with the food before zipping to the next venue. We sprinkle in some chit-chat with a special guest in each episode and get their recommendations for other hidden gems.

This is a mouth-watering visual tour of Winnipeg’s most popular and perhaps hidden greasy treats that dot the fork-and-spoon landscape of our city.

The term “Dive” has a different meaning today than the antiquated definition in Webster’s Dictionary, where it’s described as “a shabby and disreputable establishment.” Today, we may associate the building to be old-school, but with delicious and inexpensive food to an intensely loyal regular customer base.