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Prairie Boy Productions was established in 2013 by Winnipeg-based Producer Orlando Braun and partnered with Jorge Requena to create high-quality, strong and wholesome stories for Film, TV and other multimedia platforms.


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Prairie Boys WIN BravoFACTUAL support!

Orlando Braun

For Immediate release:


Prairie Boy Productions WINS BravoFACTUAL Support!

“That Mennonite Joke” was chosen for support by Bell Media's prestigious  BravoFACTUAL Grant. 

The local boys won over the curiosity and support of Bravo and Bell Media with  their documentary offering  a Sophisticated  insider's view of  Mennonite culture through a comedic lens. 

This grant will allow the company to share their project with a number of  local professionals and generate exiting work for them! 

BravoFACTUAL awards are granted by the BravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) jury for the production of short form documentary projects. Since 1995, the purpose behind BravoFACT has been to support Canadians in short scripted projects and in 2011 began making calls for documentary films for Bell Media.

This year, the docu-comedy “That Mennonite Joke” was among the films selected.  The film offers a glimpse into the humour in Mennonite culture, which according to director Orlando Braun is “an aspect that rarely – if ever – receives attention in the Media [Film & TV].” Starring comedian Matt Falk, the film follows his journey through his heritage to unveil the root of the humour to enhance his comedy act, but also to bring the audience in on the joke. The idea was created by “Prairie Boy Productions” an up and coming company from Winnipeg. It will be directed by Orlando Braun, Produced by Jorge Requena and will be released in summer 2015.

This BravoFACTUAL selection follows the win the film enjoyed at the MTS Stories From Home Pitch competition this summer at the Gimli Film Festival.

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Prairie Boy Productions WINS MTS Stories From Home $20,000 Pitch!

Orlando Braun

For Immediate release:


Prairie Boy Productions WINS MTS Stories From Home $20,000 Pitch!


Dozens of filmmakers send their best ideas every year to the MTS Stories From Home $20,000 Pitch Contest at the Gimli Film Festival in hopes of obtaining funding to make them come to life.


This contest, presented by MTS and On Screen Manitoba, gathered the 10 best projects, and allowed the filmmakers to present them in a LIVE head-to-head pitch in front of a live audience and a panel of three industry jury members. The industry professionals on the panel this year included CBC's Iris Yudai, NFB's Alicia Smith and MTS TV's Kim Bell. With a packed venue in GImli's the Aspire Theatre. The prize is worth the show, with a $20,000 broadcast license at stake. The jury took a number of factors into account to decide the winning project.

It was a massive task.


We were looking for an intriguing story, featuring a compelling character, taking us into a community we don’t normally get to see, plus potential for surprise. We felt ‘That Mennonite Joke’ had all those elements, as well as a strong team behind it."

-Iris Yudai, [CBC] $20K Challenge jury member.


This year's Winner “That Mennonite Joke” a film about the complexities and secrecy of Mennonite humour. The idea was created by “Prairie Boy Productions” an Up and coming company from Winnipeg. The documentary follows comedian Matt Falk as he takes a journey through his heritage. It will be directed by Orlando Braun and Produced by Jorge Requena and it is slated to go into production in September.


For more photos or interview requests, please contact Jorge Requena [Producer] at jorge [at] or Orlando Braun [Writer/Director] at orlando [at]

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