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Prairie Boy Productions was established in 2013 by Winnipeg-based Producer Orlando Braun and partnered with Jorge Requena to create high-quality, strong and wholesome stories for Film, TV and other multimedia platforms.


News Releases

Take the Dive launches on Bell MTS

Orlando Braun

Take the Dive launches on BellMTS

Take the Dive, a food series exploring delicious Winnipeg hidden gems, is now available on Bell MTS TV Stories from Home.   

The 8 episode series features downtown dweller Jorge Requena Ramos as he takes his suburban friend Joanna Braun on an “insider’s list” tour of coolest dives (hidden gems) in her city. Pushing her to step out of her comfort zone and discover amazing restaurants, diners and cafes to rekindle her love for her city through food.  For a full episode guide, see:

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That Mennonite Joke to open the 20th Annual MennoFolk Event

Orlando Braun

That Mennonite Joke will open this year's festivities as Mennofolk Manitoba turns twenty! Stop to ponder the past, present, and future of what it means to be Mennonite and to make art.  Taking place at XCues [551 Sargent Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba], March 9, 2017 is a night to pause and reflect on this year's art and enjoy good conversations with new and old friends. 

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NSI Accepts Mennonite Jokes

Orlando Braun

“That Mennonite Joke” official selection at 2017 NSI Online Short Film Festival

The National Screen Institute's Online Short Film Festival announces That Mennonite Joke as official selection in this year’s Festival by first time director Orlando Braun and produced by Jorge Requena Ramos. The film will start streaming on Monday, October 2, 2017.

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Can That Mennonite Joke blow away the Windy Awards?

Orlando Braun

Can That Mennonite Joke blow away the Windy Awards?

The Windy Awards announced its nominations to reveal That Mennonite Joke’s nomination for Best Documentary!   The 2017 Windy Awards will be held Saturday, Feb 25 at 6 pm at the Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematheque theatre in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District. 

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Graffiti Stories and That Mennonite Joke both accepted to Freeze Frame International Film Festival!

Orlando Braun

Prairie Boy Productions will present two films at this year’s Freeze Frame International Film Festival; Graffiti Stories: From Dark Alleys to Bright Futures, a hip-hop documentary directed by Jorge Requena Ramos and produced by Orlando Braun, and That Mennonite Joke a docu-comedy exploring humor in Mennonite culture directed by Orlando Braun and produced by Jorge...

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Graffiti Stories DVD Release Party with Screening, Concert, Performance and Workshops

Orlando Braun

Prairie Boy Productions partners with Graffiti Gallery and Freeze Frame Media Arts Centre to release the DVD of "The Graffiti Stories" with performance, concert, screening and workshops.

“Graffiti Stories”, a documentary starring local radio host Ismaila Alfa will have a DVD release party on September 24th starting at 6 pm at the Graffiti Art Gallery, located at 109 Higgins Avenue in Winnipeg.

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That Mennonite Joke Wins Best Short Documentary Award

Orlando Braun

The past few screenings at the Winnipeg Reel to Real Film Festival (WRTR) were another resounding success!  That Mennonite Joke won the award for Best Short Documentary!  All awards at WRTR are selected based on audience votes.  The film was viewed by packed audiences from ages 1-70 at both showtimes, leaving standing room only...

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That Mennonite Joke makes a Splash!

Orlando Braun

The Keystone Cinema in Steinbach was bursting at its seams this weekend with the resounding success of That Mennonite Joke film premiere!  The docu-comedy is now available for viewing on MTS TV VOD [in Manitoba]! An audience of 1-70 years of age began queuing up an hour and half before the screening and the theatre filled to capacity quickly.  Many people had to be turned away.   From the attendee survey, the average rating given for the film was 4.5 stars [out of 5] and 97% of attendees would recommend the film to their friends...

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That Mennonite Joke makes a Manitoba Premiere with Faspa!

Orlando Braun

Winner of the Stories from Home Pitch Competition at Gimli Film Festival 2014, and winner of BravoFACTUAL support 2014, the docu-comedy That Mennonite Joke makes its Manitoba debut – where else but in the city of Steinbach!  The film’s premiere will be held at the Keystone Cinema on Saturday, February 6 at 4pm followed by a faspa reception and Q&A with the star Matt Falk and the Filmmakers; director Orlando Braun and producer Jorge Requena Ramos...

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Prairie Boys get Menno Merchandising!

Orlando Braun

For Immediate release:

Prairie Boys partner with Menno Apparel for merchandising!

Prairie Boy Productions secure a T-shirt merchandising partnership with Menno Apparel for the docu-comedy “That Mennonite Joke”. Menno Apparel is known for their funny Mennonite-themed t-shirts, so it was a natural partnership to the film exploring Mennonite culture through a comedic lens. 

Menno Apparel started in 2011 as a way to support the work of MCC Abbotsford during its annual Relief Sale. In high school Jonathan Kornelsen came up with the idea of creating and wearing a shirt that said, “Menno Simons is my Homeboy”, but it wasn’t until 2011 that a shirt was made and Jonathan knew his idea could make a difference. As Jonathan explains “I’m thrilled to be a part of the film That Mennonite Joke because the documentary is going to be hilarious and it’s one of my corporate goals to start a conversation about all things Mennonite.”

Once the film is released, t-shirts containing jokes within the film will become available for sale.  And until the film is released, Prairie Boy Productions and Menno Apparel have partnered to create three new “typical Mennonite jokes” on #MennoJoke t-shirts which are now available for sale at Purchasing a shirt to discover the difference between a Mennonite and a canoe will support this film’s finishing costs.

“That Mennonite Joke” is in production with the support of MTS TV Stories From Home andBravo FACTUAL. The film offers a glimpse into the humour in Mennonite culture starring comedian Matt Falk. He hopes this journey through his heritage will unveil the root of the humour to enhance his comedy act, but also to bring the audience in on the joke. The idea was created by “Prairie Boy Productions” an up and coming company from Winnipeg. It will be directed by Orlando Braun, Produced by Jorge Requena and will be released in summer 2015.



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How To Do Everything Gooder on Daily Motion

Orlando Braun


do you even gooder?

Comedian Matt Falk has had much success as of late; and one could say things have gone from good, to gooder. 

A web series starring Matt called How To Do Everything Gooder created by Prairie Boy Productions, although still in development, has raised many eyebrows at the Vancouver Web fest.   Most notably garnering the attention of companies like Daily Motion. In fact, Daily Motion will begin hosting the teasers for the show in their platform as an effort to hype the project.

How To Do Everything Gooder is in consideration for funding right now with the Independent Production Fund [IPF], and audience's views and comments will be taken into consideration to shape this show.  To watch, comment and share the development videos, go to

The web series is a part-scripted, part-reality mock how-to DIY show hosted by the only "everything expert" in the world - the overconfident, loveable and completely inept Matt Falk.  He is a millennial who is willing who show you how to do anything but who is also indisputably incapable to do so. 

The hilarious experiences include anything from how to build a bird house to how to fall in love. But stopping at how to change a tire and how to avoid vomiting, for good measure. 

If you want to help watch the teaser videos, comment on them, tear them apart, ask for more, heck tell us what you want. Tell us how to do our videos gooder!

Twitter: @HowToBeGooder