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003-100 Arthur St
Winnipeg, MB

(204) 795-0506

Prairie Boy Productions was established in 2013 by Winnipeg-based Producer Orlando Braun and partnered with Jorge Requena to create high-quality, strong and wholesome stories for Film, TV and other multimedia platforms.


Jorge Requena

Jorge Requena

Writer - Director - Producer

Jorge Requena is an award-winning filmmaker and award-winning musician currently living in Winnipeg where his creativity has found terrific inspiration. Before completing a BA in film studies, several of his short films were short listed and awarded in Small Festivals. In 2008, after receiving the CFTPA mentorship award, he focused in the documentary format. His documentary Frostbite, received a grant from the Emerging Filmmakers Fund with OMNI TV and ROGERS. Jorge has played a key role in projects for Omni, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Super Channel, CBC, Hallmark Network, and Universal Pictures amongst others. Working for production companies like E One, Shaftsbury, Merit Motion Pictures, and Inferno as well as many others across Canada.

He has directed 16 short films that have played at various festivals as well as a dozen music videos. His 30 minute TV documentary Graffiti Stories, created for MTS Stories From Home [Manitoba Broadcaster], was the first film produced under the Prairie Boy Productions banner and was nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards 2015 Diversity Award and won the Award of Excellence in Filmmaking at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival. 

Jorge is also currently working on several experimental shorts and the final strokes for his graphic novel “The Mariachi Ghost”. His band inspired by the book recently won a Western Canadian Music award [2015] and is slated to tour internationally.

Jorge Requena, Writer-Director-Producer

Jorge Requena, Writer-Director-Producer