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003-100 Arthur St
Winnipeg, MB

(204) 795-0506

Prairie Boy Productions was established in 2013 by Winnipeg-based Producer Orlando Braun and partnered with Jorge Requena to create high-quality, strong and wholesome stories for Film, TV and other multimedia platforms.

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Graffiti Stories

GRAFFITI STORIES - 2014 - HD - 30 mins

Local Rapper and Host Ismaila Alfa discovers urban youth who find their passion & legitimacy in urban arts, including graffiti, rap and hip hop dance!

“Graffiti Stories" is a colourful, vibrant and active documentary highlighting young people in the urban arts from hip hop dance, rapping, and graffiti art. Focusing on four young, potentially "at-risk" youth that find legitimacy in their art form. At the center of this urban art trifecta, in one of the most culturally diverse places in Canada, is where Winnipeg’s Graffiti Art Programming makes a splash.  

Hosted by Nigerian Born, Winnipeg Rap legend (Magnum KI, ALFA) and notorious radio host (CBC, Up to Speed) Ismaila Alfa, our four focal subjects are transplants to Winnipeg from the Philippines, Nicaragua and Northern Manitoba.  Immigrants and northern First Nations families alike feel the challenges of adapting to the Canada’s urban culture.  Through their eyes, we see these young people take charge of their own destiny through urban art, as they embrace their cultural identities.

Graffiti Stories: From Dark Alleys to Bright Futures is copyrighted by 6771743 Manitoba Inc. and produced in association with MTS TV Stories From Home, and produced with the participation of Manitoba Film and Music, Government of Manitoba Provincial Tax Credits, and Government of Canada Federal Tax credits.

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